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Axiom Consultancy

Axiom specialises in Evaluation, Impact Measurement and Strategy, enabling clients in the public, charity and social enterprise sectors to evaluate the impact and measure the social value of their programmes. We help clients plan programmes and expected outcomes, ensuring they deliver the maximum social and economic value; and we help them measure the impact so that they can report to funders, strategic partners and key stakeholders on the positive difference their work is making. A socially conscious consultancy, we provide practical down to earth support enabling clients to develop their strategy, their projects and their people. We specialise in: Programme Design/Outcome Development to enable better decision making, for better outcomes. Improving Performance using evaluation to measure whether your programme is working as intended and pinpoint service improvements. Measuring Value providing summative evidence of the benefits including the wider social value. People Development including mentoring, training and peer support to ensure your project teams thrive.

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