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Life in Covid-19 times is not easy for anyone. For many third sector organisations you’ll be finding ways to reach your service users and provide your services users in different ways - at a distance. At the same time you may be concerned about what this will mean for your funding and for reporting to your funder, as you are busy making radical changes to your service and keeping yourself safe.

You may also be thinking “Is this really a time to worry about measurement?” In fact, evaluation – simple evaluation – is crucial. As we all deliver services virtually, help more or new beneficiaries, or meet new needs arising from the pandemic, we all need to check we are doing the right things and reaching the people who need us.

ESS Top tips for now


  • Keep evaluation simple
  • Find successes to celebrate to keep us positive in tough times
  • Capture evidence now for reporting later
  • Record learning now that we can use in future
  • Find quick and easy ways to record:
  1. What you do
  2. Who with or for
  3. The difference you are making
  4. What you’re learning 

Useful resources to help you capture evidence: 


Please adapt any of our tools to meet your own needs (we'd just ask you to reference ESS - thank you). 

SCVO Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub has lots of general advice for third sector organisations.

What ESS is doing to support you:


We have moved our face to face workshops and events online! See links below for more information:


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