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Evaluating Partnerships

Evaluating partnerships workshop

How and why to evaluate your partnership?

It is often assumed that working in partnership will provide better, more joined-up and more cost-effective services for communities, but organisations tell us how challenging it is to show that working together is better than working individually.

At ESS we have been exploring how to evaluate partnership working.  We think this will help organisations to:

  • learning how to improve a partnership
  • to prove the benefits when applying for funding
  • to get feedback on partner's contributions 
  • proving to others you know how to work in partnership
  • avoiding pitfalls in future partnerships.

We are developing a tool to support third sector organisations to understand and decide what to measure in order to show the difference their partnership has made.

Watch this space as we plan to launch the resource later this year, which we think is of interest to those currently working in partnership or considering it.

If you’re looking for some support in evaluating your partnership, please contact us.

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