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Evaluation Pathway

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See below for support to get started with evaluation but if you are looking for support for more tricky evaluation issues here are some resources to help with particular situations... click for evaluating prevention, asset-based approaches, economic evaluation.

The Evaluation Pathway 

At each stage of the Evaluation Pathway you can see the appropriate ESS workshop to help you get to grips with this stage, as well as guides, tools and other resources.  If you are looking for specific resources take a look at our Resources pages. 

Click on the circles below to navigate the pathway


Stage 1: Setting outcomes & indicators

Our training, resources and support will help you to ensure that everyone is on board with your evaluation process. And you have clear statements about the outcomes of your project or organisation. Setting outcomes & indicators

Stage 2: Collecting evidence

This step will help you to find different ways to collect information about the difference you are making and fit evaluation into your project or organisation. Collecting evidence

Stage 3: Analysing and Reporting

This step will help you to understand your data and present it in a meaningful way. Analysing and Reporting

Stage 4: Acting on your learning

This section will help you to use your findings to communicate what you have learnt and change your practice. Acting on your learning

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