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Setting outcomes & indicators

Our training, resources and support will help you to ensure that:

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Setting outcomes & indicators Events & Learning

Getting started: Outcomes and Indicators

Need to show the difference you make and don’t know where to start? Want to ... Read more
25 May 2017, Glasgow

Getting started: Outcomes and Indicators

Need to show the difference you make and don’t know where to start? Want to ... Read more
12 October 2017, Edinburgh

Getting started: Outcomes and Indicators

Need to show the difference you make and don’t know where to start? Want to ... Read more
25 January 2018, Glasgow

Resources for Setting outcomes & indicators

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ESS support guides

ESS Support Guide 1.2 - Developing a Logic Model

This guide comes out of work that we did with funding from NHS Health Scotland to help build understanding about ... Read More

ESS Support Guide 1: Setting Outcomes

This guide is a basic introduction. It helps you work out what your outcomes are and how to write them. ... Read More

Evaluation methods and tools

Big Picture Route Map

This cartoon map has different vehicles, routes and characters. This visual tool can help participants reflect on their current situation ... Read More

Weaver's Triangle

This tool can help you to clarify the impact you want to make and separate your aims, outcomes and activities. ... Read More

Guides by theme

Effective Interventions Unit Evaluation Guide 2: Planning an Evaluation

This is the second in the Scottish Executive Effective Intervention Unit's Evaluation series. This Guide aims to explain the planning ... Read More

Effective Interventions Unit Evaluation Guide 9: Evaluating Employability Programmes

This is the ninth in the Scottish Executive Effective Interventions Unit Evaluation series. It explains the aims and objectives of ... Read More

Evaluating Community Projects - A Practical Guide

by Marilyn Taylor, Derrick Purdue, Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde These guidelines were developed as part of a Joseph Rowntree ... Read More

Explaining the difference your project makes: A big guide to using an outcomes approach

The guide aims to help you cover the following aspects: ■identifying, understanding and explaining the need you want to meet ... Read More

First Steps in Monitoring and Evaluation

This guide has been developed particularly for small voluntary organisations and those with limited experience of monitoring and evaluation. It ... Read More

LEAP - A model for participatory planning and evaluation in community learning and development

LEAP stands for learning, Evaluation and Planning. There are a number of versions of the LEAP framework. This online resource ... Read More

Prove and Improve

This guide offers a starting point for exploring evaluation - and in particular, self evaluation of outcomes. Published by Community ... Read More

The W.K Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook

This handbook provides a framework for thinking about evaluation as a relevant and useful program tool. The Handbook also provides ... Read More

Your Project and its Outcomes

This popular booklet has been written for trustees, staff and volunteers who are involved in planning, monitoring and evaluating their ... Read More

Case studies

Case Study: Involving Service users in setting outcomes - ARC Scotland

This case study shows how ARC Scotland involved service users in setting outcomes for service commissioning by Aberdeenshire Council. It ... Read More