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Collecting evidence

This step will help you to:

Upcoming events

Collecting evidence Events & Learning

Make to measure: Evaluation Methods and Plans

Come to this fun, interactive workshop to learn about different methods and tools, from body ... Read more
8 February 2018, Glasgow

Telling my story: Analysing and Reporting on Outcomes

Make the most of all the evidence you have gathered and learn how to analyse ... Read more
22 February 2018, Glasgow

Resources for Collecting evidence

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ESS support guides

ESS Support Guide 2.1: Developing and using indicators

This guide explains ways to develop and use indicators to help you measure your outcomes. Read More

ESS Support Guide 2.2: Using interviews and questionnaires to evaluate your project

This guide covers some of the more traditional approaches to collect information for your evaluation: questionnaires, interviews and group interviews ... Read More

ESS Support Guide 2.3: Visual Approaches

This guide covers some visual approaches you can use to collect information for evaluation: relationship maps, service use maps, lifelines, ... Read More

ESS Support Guide 2.4: Using Technology to Evaluate your Work

This guide covers some ways you can use technology to collect information for evaluation: video, digital photographs and audio recording. Read More

ESS Support Guide 2.5: Storing Information

This guide looks at how to store the information you need to use in evaluation. Read More

ESS Support Guide 3.4 - Using Qualitative Information for Evaluation

This guide will help you to think through how you can make use of qualitative information in evaluation. It looks ... Read More

Evaluation methods and tools

Evaluation planning template

This template is a simple tool to help you plan your monitoring and evaluation. It makes you set out the ... Read More

Outcomes Star

The Outcomes Star™ is a unique tool for supporting and measuring change when working with vulnerable people. It is widely ... Read More

Survey Monkey which is an online survey tool. You can also pay to create more complicated surveys and to access the ... Read More

Resources by theme

Data Protection Act

All the information you need on the Data Protection Act. Read More

Evaluating Community Projects - A Practical Guide

A general guide to evaluating community projects from Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Read More

NPC Wellbeing Measure

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)'s Well-being Measure is an online survey-based tool that measures how children feel. It's a practical way ... Read More

A practical guide to outcomes tools (2010)

Outcome tools for the service provision in the supported housing sector and other areas. A guide to managing outcomes. Read More

The W.K Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook

This handbook provides a framework for thinking about evaluation as a relevant and useful program tool. Read More

Case study: Installing a new database - ESS's experience

Why collect all that great feedback in creative and engaging ways if it can't be easily used for process improvement ... Read More

Case studies

Case Study: Evaluation for small projects - Training Connections (Collecting evidence)

It can be hard to make the time for evaluation. But this case study shows that even projects with just ... Read More

Case Study: Fife Young Carers keeps evaluation simple (Collecting evidence)

This case study shows how Fife Young Carers used the learning from ESS workshops to build simple evaluation systems and ... Read More

Evaluation Matters to Home Link (Collecting evidence)

In this short video case study, Paula Swanston from Home Link Family Support in Edinburgh explains how they did just ... Read More

Case Study: An example of an inclusive evaluation using Comic Life (Collecting evidence)

Lead Scotland used Comic Life. an app which helps you turn photographs into stories, to evaluate with a group of ... Read More