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Harmonising Reporting

Harmonising Reporting - 2017 The story so far...

Harmonising Reporting was published in 2010 to help funders and funded organisations improve reporting practice. Funders and funded in harmony - where are we now report reflects on Harmonising Reporting; it outlines the original problem to be solved and how Harmonising Reporting came about. The report includes examples and case studies of improvements in reporting practice since 2010 and summarises where we are now. It also has suggestions on what could come next? Click on the picture to read the report.

See below for more indepth information about Harmonising Reporting.

Harmonising Reporting: Working group report

Harmonising Reporting was published in 2010 by the Scotland Funders’ Forum (SFF) with support from 
Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) to make reporting to funders less burdensome and more useful for funders and funded organisations.  It sets out tips, good practice guidance and templates for use by funders to improve reporting.  There are also top tips for funded organisations on what makes a good report.

The report concluded that, when it comes to reporting:

  • One size does not fit all funders
  • Relationships matter
  • Most funders want to know what you did, what difference you made, and what you learned
  • Funders cannot always avoid specialised words
  • Organisations that get support to build their skills on monitoring, evaluation and reporting often report more effectively than those who have had no support
  • Support is about good communication

See the report summary.

The report contains helpful resources such as a reporting template and top tips for third sector organisations on what makes for a good report.

Related information:

The Evaluation Declaration

We worked with the SFF to produce The Evaluation Declaration. This has 5 statements that describe why monitoring, evaluation and reporting are important and what they should achieve. Funders are saying they believe evaluation is valuable, relevant, proportionate, supported and involves looking from the inside and outside at our work. 

The Evaluation Declaration Health Check Tool

The 'Evaluation Declaration' health check tool helps funders think about the way they undertake monitoring and evaluation and their relationships with funded organisations. The Evaluation Declaration health check tool and the guidance for this tool are free for you to download. The tool and guidance reflects the learning from Harmonising Reporting. Please contact us if you are a funder and would like support to use this tool.

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