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Harmonising Indicators project (HIP)

Citizens Advice working together with their statutory funders  to make monitoring and evaluation of advice more rational and more useful

HIP is a follow up programme from Measuring Outcomes from Citizens Advice. The work was initiated by Parkhead CAB and was funded by Citizens Advice Scotland Development Committee. Work took place between May 2016 and April 2017 and involved a learning set who met 6 times to explore how we could develop a more proportionate and useful monitoring and reporting system for bureaux (CABx).

The learning set involved representatives from CABx, Citizens Advice Scotland, Scottish Legal Aid Board, Scottish Government and The Improvement Service.

The Indicators for Measuring Citizens Advice pack suggests definitions and a small set of core indicators for measuring:

We hope that the pack

This doesn’t stop CAB collecting more information for other purposes (e.g. social policy analysis) or project funders asking for additional information or for short term in-depth pieces of evaluation. But we suggest that projects and funders be clear about why you need additional information, how long for and the way it will be  used.

Benefits of taking this approach – less is more

Next steps

This is a step along the path to meaningful measurement.  Further steps include:


Between June 2014 and March 2015 ESS ran a learning set of CAB practitioners aiming to:

As a result we developed the Measuring Outcomes from Citizens Advice pack.

This pack was shared with bureaux through regional days in September and launched at a conference for over 250 people, organised by The Improvement Service, Scottish Government and Scottish Legal Aid Board and CAS/ CABx in October and funded by the Scottish Government.

During this process we identified

At the conference there was support across all the sectors for reviewing systems of measurement to ensure greater consistency across reporting requirements, to make better use of qualitative data and to put a greater emphasis on soft outcomes.

This work fits well with other initiatives to improve evaluation and performance monitoring, for example:

Debt advice evaluation framework: The Money Advice Service

Scottish Legal Aid Board and the Improvement Service are considering the outcomes they want advice services to report on.

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