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Threading the Needle in North Ayrshire

Resources developed from this area of work:

The story of Threading the Needle in North Ayrshire

North Ayrshire monitoring and evaluation form

How to explore decision making and the role of evidence

Blog: All partners are equal by Annie Weir, Senior Engagement & Project Manager , North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership 

Blog: How we connect by Martha Lester-Cribb, ESS

For more Threading the Needle resources...

Theme: Using third sector evidence to make informed commissioning decisions

Purpose: To explore how commissioning decisions are made and what third sector evidence can be used to help the decision-making process

Who was involved

Our partners were:

What we achieved

By the end of Threading the Needle:

What we did

The work involved:

See the monitoring and evaluation form developed by North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership during the project here.

The story in North Ayrshire:

“Self-evaluation training was provided to third sector projects and appropriate local authority and NHS staff.  The learning set made excellent progress in exploring how funding decisions had been made historically and thinking about what evidence would be needed to improve strategic decision making in the future. This thinking informed a new reporting template for funded projects.  The work with the learning set led to a new resource which can help others explore their own decision making processes and the role of evidence.”

Martha Lester-Cribb, ESS Evaluation Support Manager, worked with North Ayrshire (pictured above)

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The learning from Threading the Needle has been gathered in the following learning points documents:

We need to talk about data and evidence

We need to build on outcomes

We need to understand where third sector evidence fits

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Martha Lester-Cribb