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Helping organisations to use physical activity or sport to achieve outcomes

Thrive  learning programme 2020

In September 2019 we received confirmation of funding to roll out the Thrive Learning Programme to the sector.  It will be available to any organisations, sport or physical activity, as a means to achieve outcomes.

The course will be free of charge to the sector and we plan to deliver 7 rounds during the first year beginning in early 2020.  In the first instance this is being funded through the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity programme (a partnership between Scottish Government, Spirit of 2012, The Robertson Trust, Spirit of 2012, and sportscotland). 

There is more information available in the Thrive Learning Programme background overview 

If you would like to find out more or register your interest in the Learning Programme, please e-mail Martha Lester-Cribb.

How we got there

Thrive  learning programme

In 2018 Spirit of 2012 commissioned Agile and ESS to devise the Thrive Learning Programme.  The programme has grown out of the learning from 11 projects funded by Spirit in 2015 to help people become and remain more active.  The learning was initially shared in an online toolkit.  The new programme builds on this so more practitioners can apply Thrive’s key messages about how to work in a truly person-centred way. 

To find out how best to support the sector, we ran three focus groups with participants from 27 organisations (the REACH phase of this work: November – December 2018).  Using what they told us, we then developed and piloted the blended learning programme (TEACH phase: January – July 2019) before using our evaluation of the pilot to inform our recommendations about how to roll this programme out to the wider workforce (PREACH: August 2019). 

Thrive Learning Programme structure

The programme has 3 modules: Plan - Do – Review.  Each module supports participants to work in a truly person-centred way and consists of:

  • an online self-assessment
  • a full training day
  • a reflective practice exercise
  • an online discussion to review learning. 

Participants can access a range of templates and tools to use in their work as well as a certificate on completion of the entire Programme.

Learning Outcomes

Module 1: Plan. By the end of this module, you will:

  • know more about the stages involved in planning effective programmes which will use physical activity / sport to change lives
  • have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to improve planning processes in your own programmes

Module 2: Do. By the end of this module, you will:

  • know more about the key factors to consider when designing a person centred physical activity programme
  • be better able to gather relevant information throughout a programme

Module 3: Review. By the end of this module, you will:

  • know more about how to learn from the evidence you collect
  • be better able to use your learning

Thrive  learning programme

Feedback from pilot participants 

“Taking part has reinforced my feeling that this is essential learning for all of my team. If we are to get better and understanding and sharing the impact of sport and physical activity we need to be better equipped. Having all trained and able to access learning from others and tools to support projects will make a difference as we try and use sport and physical activity more intentionally to bring about change.”  Jude Deacons, Community Activation Manager, Active Stirling

“I'm often guilty of establishing programmes and measuring success purely on attendances. I think outcomes can support a much wider process of evaluation.”

“The Thrive Learning Programme has opened my mind to new ways of working.  The learning programme has helped me see how I can change the way I work to reach new people.  The tools used during the Thrive LP have been very useful for planning new activities and have helped me influence the people I work with.” Grant Morrison, Glasgow Sport

“New perspectives, useful tools and very structured content.  Content worth sharing and using in practice.  Great combination between theory and practical application!  Thank you!”  Alex Gladkov, Scottish Wrestling

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