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To give you an idea of the work we do with funders.  Funders we have worked with include: The Alliance, Big Lottery Fund, Climate Change Fund, Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Community Food and Health Scotland, Creative Scotland, Inspiring Scotland, Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, Paths for All, the Robertson Trust, Shared Care Scotland, Voluntary Action Fund and Wood Family Trust.

Thematic programme resources


The Story of Support in the Right Direction  - This report shows:

  1. How thematic programmes can demonstrate the impact of funding in a particular field of work or policy area. 
  2. How to work collaboratively with third sector organisations. 
  3. How Evaluation Support Scotland works in a range of ways to support third sector.  
            What works in Independent Support - This report brings together
            the learning from Independent Support organisations. 

Harmonising Reporting

Funder blogs

Inspiring Impact resources 

  1. Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice June 2013
  2. How funders in Scotland measure their own impact June 2014  
  3. Blog by Dr Cassy Rutherford, The Robertson Trust : Taking our own advice - Embedding impact practice across our organisation

Related Resources


New principles for grant reporting (December 2018)

A group of funders and charities have developed 6 principles to make grant reporting more meaningful and mutually beneficial

Other resource

Building mutually beneficial relationships - Top tips for Funders

Top tips for funders about building mutually beneficial relationships between funder and funded organisations.

Other Resources

Measuring mental wellbeing in children and young people

A guide to measuring the mental wellbeing of younger populations for public health commissioners.

Other Resources

Getting the best from external evaluations - Principles for funders

This resource is about external evaluations (for example of a grant programme), that are commissioned from consultants, universities or others. ...


Reporting on core funding - addressing the challenge

This short paper came from an event where funders and third sector organisations discussed the challenges of understanding and reporting ...

Other Resources

Funders' online reporting systems - a reflection paper (2018)

This paper is for funders that have, or are developing online reporting systems.

Other Resources

Evaluation Declaration

We worked with the Scotland Funders' Forum to produce the Evaluation Declaration. This has 5 statements that describe why monitoring, ...

Other Resources

Harmonising Reporting

Research on reporting found that funders don’t always get what they need from the reports they receive and that voluntary ...

Other Resources

Harmonising Reporting Implementation - Case Study Report (May 2012)

Harmonising Reporting was published in 2010 by the Scotland Funders’ Forum (SFF) with support from Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS). It ...

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