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Funder Learning Programme

Our Funder Learning Programme offers a variety of seminars specifically designed for nders. 

We are offering more workshops in the coming months including 'Getting the best from core funding', 'Getting the best from your grant-holders' (see below for details) and 'So many funders, so little time'(Date to be confirmed).


Last year we offered the following range of funder learning events are: 

  • Walking the Talk seminar which was on 5 September 2016. A group of funders were facilitated to use the Walking the Talk resource and support them with planning and evaluating their influencing work. 
  • Small grant big impact? was on 11 October 2016 in Edinburgh. A seminar to explore how the impact of small grants can influence funding, practice and policy.
  • Getting the best from your grant-holders was on 22 November 2016 in Edinburgh. A workshop helping funders with evaluation language and good practice supporting those they fund. 
  • Getting the best from external evaluation was on 9 November 2016. This was a facilitated workshop for funders and people who have been commissioned to undertake external evaluations. See the resource 'Getting the best from external evaluation - Principles for funders' created from this workshop here.
  • Funders and funded in harmony was on 28 February 2017A seminar for funders and third sector practitioners to co-develop good practice principles around evaluation. 
Previous years: Funder Learning Programme

In 2014 -2015 the Funder Learning Programme included four Master Classes. You can read about the discussions and learning in the following four Master Class reports:

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