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Our support to third sector organisations

“Since the support we have gone through all of our paperwork… referral forms, questionnaires everything and I think we must have reduced it all by a third….so we have definitely become a lot more efficient and our evaluation is a lot less burdensome now.”  Isabel Montgomery, Deveron Care Concern  

Are there any user friendly evaluation tools that I can use? How do I evaluate a soft outcome I can't count? How do I report to funders? How do I make time for evaluation? If any of this sounds familiar here are some of the ways we can help?  

Browse our “Evaluation Pathway” to find FREE resources, tools and simple support guides.  That might be all you need to get going.

We have evaluation workshops to help third sector organisations get to grips with evaluation and share practical ideas with each other. 

We can provide a small amount of free support by phone or e-mail, for example, to get you started on evaluation or to give short feedback on an evaluation plan or report. 

If you need more in depth help we can provide tailored support to your organisation to help you embed evaluation. Tailored support involves one or more meetings of about 2-3 hours between a member of the ESS team and a person or a few people from your organisation. We can provide this support by telephone or email, if necessary.

Support is tailored to the needs of your organisation and might include (although not all at once!):

We normally have to charge you for tailored support to cover our costs. A session costs £552 (including VAT).

And also

Get in touch!

Learn how we can tailor our support to your needs