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This case study shows how The Climate Challenge Fund supports projects to measure and report on outcomes.

The Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF), run by Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB), supports communities to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions and increasing their capacity to take action.  From 2009 CCF has worked with Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) to run workshops for applicants and grant holders on setting and measuring community and behaviour change outcomes.

Some learning points about what made this partnership a success:

  • Time: KSB could not take the ESS workshop off the shelf. They had to amend and pilot it and ensure consistency with reporting forms and processes. 
  • Good practice: At the same time, KSB had to ensure adaptations still followed the Scotland Funders’ Forum good practice on reporting. 
  • In house skills: KSB development officers had to develop training skills to communicate about evaluation and reporting to funded projects. KSB senior development officer played a key role in supporting training delivery. 
  • Committed to learning: KSB has credibility with workshop delegates because they want to learn about addressing climate change.


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