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Blog: ESS's inTENtions for 2016!

Steven Marwick (disguised as Santa) replaces new year resolutions with good inTENtions to complete ESS's TENth year

2015 was ESS’s 10th birthday year! We spent the year supporting hundreds of third sector organisations and funders to measure and report on the difference they make.  We held a fabulous birthday conference in May.  If you weren’t there – poor you – you can read about it here and see me making a fool of myself here.

For me, the year ended rather marvellously with 10 special Christmas presents from my wonderful team.  They were:

A tin (10th wedding anniversary is 'tin').  It had an 'X factor picture' on the front (X= Roman numeral for 10) and contained …

1.     A TENnis keyring

2.     10 green bottles (1 sauvignon blanc, 9 party poppers)

3.     Table 10 pin bowling set

4.     TENder moments:  10 pick and mix sweets

5.     A hand-knitted Decapus (octopus with 10 legs)

6.     A pair of MitTENs

7.     CDs: TENors singing and 10 film music soundtracks

8.     A set of uTENsils

9.     A coaster with a picture of 10 people, saying “Here’s an idea, why don’t we just do stuff that’s going to be massively successful”

10.  A £10 Lakeland token

So, for comedy purposes, ESS is hereby replacing New Year’s Resolutions with New Year InTENtions.  We inTENd to be massively successful in 2016.  Here are a few of the many things we inTENd to do (have I made my point yet?):

  • Threading the Needle will support health and social care commissioners in Fife, Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Perth and Kinross to use third sector evidence to commission outcomes for health and social care.
  • With our partners, we’ll publish a guide to support third sector organisations collaborate with academics.
  • We’ve evaluated our workshops and will launch an even better core workshop programme on setting, measuring and reporting on outcomes. 
  • A date for funders’ diaries: 16 June is our event for funders to launch Walking the Talk – a guide on how funders influence policy and practice.  We’ll also share learning from our funder learning programme.

We inTENd to help you be massively successful in 2016!  That, of course, means valuable and relevant and proportionate evaluation to help you reflect, learn and improve!  So check out our website and make sure you are signed up to our newsletter.

Happy Evaluation!

Steven Marwick


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