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Code of Good Impact Practice

The Code of Good Impact Practice was produced by our Inspiring Impact partner, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).  The Code is the product of consultation with stakeholders from across the non-profit sector and aims to provide clear, broad, and agreed guidelines of good impact.

Each principle includes a brief description of what ‘good’ looks like, an explanation of why it’s important, and ideas for how you could apply the principle in practice.  The Code is intended to help non-profit organisations, funders and commissioners in forming realistic and appropriate understandings of what good impact practice looks like for non-profit organisations.practice for non-profit organisations.  These guidelines are set-out as a series of principles that relate to a cycle of impact practice.

Visit the Inspiring Impact website to learn more about the Code and to download a copy.

What good impact measurement looks like

The Inpiring Impact: A Good Practice Case Study Report - What good impact measurement looks like report that ESS produced to showcase the excellent work that three or our Inspiring Impact Champions are carrying out to measure their impact.  You can also read the blog we wrote for Inspiring Impact about the report here!

Pre-launch event in Scotland

Read the report and blog on the "Pre-launch of The Code of Good Impact Practice" event, held on 6 June in Edinburgh.

This event gave participants a chance to engage, debate and think about applying The Code of Good Impact Practice within their work. They heard from the Inspiring Impact team about the development of the Code and its key principles and held discussions and shared views on how the principles may be applied in Scotland. NPC (Inspiring Impact’s programme managers) and Evaluation Support Scotland (Inspiring Impact’s lead Scottish partner) were on hand to introduce participants to the Code and hear their perspectives on putting it into practice.

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