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Knowledge Translation

Communicating and sharing evidence from self-evaluation with decision-makers can be difficult for voluntary organisations.  For their part, policy and decision-makers often find it difficult to source accessible, reliable evidence when they need it. 

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) aims to support the third sector to share evidence with policy and decision-makers and to support evidence use.  We want to ensure that voluntary organisations' knowledge and evidence has a real impact on policy and practice. We also want to learn about effective translation and share what we learn with others.

The role ESS plays is to

  • Facilitate or broker the sharing of knowledge and evidence.
  • Address barriers to evidence use.
  • Champion the use of self-evaluation as a legitimate source of evidence for decision-making alongside other types of evidence.

The term we are using for this area of our work is "Translation": at ESS we not only share and disseminate knowledge and evidence; we also "translate it" so that those who receive it understand it and can make use of it.  To this end, ESS set up the Knowledge Translation Network (KTN), to support the third sector get the best from generating and using evidence.

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