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Our work with Scottish Government

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) works in a constructive and mutually beneficial partnership with Scottish Government Third Sector Unit (TSU) to promote and support the third sector’s contribution to public service reform and the Scottish Approach.

ESS believes that a key way to achieve public service improvement is to embed evaluation and learning from the third sector in service design, development and implementation.  We feel sectors need to be enabled to work together to improve services, based on ‘what works’.

Through our current work plan with the TSU we aim to:

  • Promote good self-evaluation practice amongst those who are responsible for designing and/or delivering public services
  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between the third sector and the public sector about evidence and evaluation, including evidence in the form of the voice of the service user.

The following infographic includes highlights from previous years.

Click here to read key messages from our work with Scottish Government.



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