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About the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum

Research methodologies

The Forum is committed to sound research practices and principles, according to common quality standards such as the standards for National Statistics. The Forum is composed primarily of sector members and policy experts, and will therefore need to take professional research advice as appropriate.


The Research Forum will continue to meet four times a year and forum members will take it in turns to host meetings at their venues in different parts of Scotland.

Evaluation Support Scotland convenes and is the secretariat of the Forum with support from Scottish Government Third Sector Unit.

The Forum produced a Third Sector Evidence Framework that, among other things, identifies and aligns the Forum’s work to the policy priorities of the third sector and the public sector so that we can identify where we can use evidence to support or challenge Scottish Government policy decisions and maximise the impact of evidence in policy and practice? development at a local and national level.

Workplan for 2017/18

The Research Forum's workplan for 2017/18 includes research about who funds the third sector to do research and inclusive growth.

Previously the Research Forum's work plan included research work co-production; inclusive growth; partnership working; volunteering benefits for people with complex needs, and the health of the third sector.

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