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TSRF evidence papers and resources

Welcome!  In this page you will have access to the evidence papers, publications and other resources that either the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum produces or that members of the Forum would like to disseminate to the wider community.

Training opportunities

Think data Scotland workshops, webinars and events

The workshop-based development programme will include both face-to-face workshops and online webinar teaching with a focus on developing practical skills, backed up by online resources. The core audience for these development activities will be the civil society infrastructure organisations (TSIs). They are responsible for collecting the local data which will be combined and prepared in WP1, and they also provide advice and support to local organisations. However, the resources and activities will be made available to any civil society organisations who wish to develop their capacity by participating in the programme. 

Evidence papers

Third Sector Partnership Compass (2016)

This evidence paper by Evaluation Support Scotland and The Robertson Trust with the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum brings together evidence of what research tells us engaging in positive partnership looks like.  This is a useful resource to help you navigate through partnerships. 

The Benefits of Inclusive Volunteering (2015)

This evidence paper by Volunteer Scotland with the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum brings together evidence of the benefits of volunteering for people with complex needs. 

Why Involve the Third Sector in Reducing Reoffending (2012)

This is an evidence paper produced by the Robertson Trust for the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum.  The third sector plays a key role in the delivery of criminal justice services that reduce reoffending.  This paper looks at what the sector does and why it is effective and uses illustrative case studies.

Why Involve the Third Sector in Health and Social Care Delivery (2011)

An evidence paper produced by the Scottish Government with the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum.  The paper explores, through a number of case studies, the contribution of the third sector to health and social care delivery and highlights conclusions, barriers, contributions and recommendations. 


Top tips to communicate research effectively

This infographic was produced by the Scottish Third Sector Research Forum (TSRF) to help third sector organisations communicate their research effectively.  It contains guidance, tips and good practice examples.

Third Sector Interactive Evidence Library

The Interactive Evidence Library is a new and free-to-use information resource for the Third Sector in Scotland.  It contains around 700 links to published research about the Third Sector and is being regularly updated.

Discover the third sector website

This online resource has been set up to help partnership working between the statutory and third sectors. It is part of a range of work being driven by the Quality Alliance Board to build closer relationships across sectors to help improve health and social care, produce better outcomes for individuals and families, support co-production, person-centredness and preventative approaches.  The resource is run by a small core team from across the third and statutory sectors, co-ordinated by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government.  This interactive online space is intented to be used to upload information, share ideas and make connections across sectors.

Linking third sector organisations to academia - Interface

Helpful links:  Templates and Innovation Voucher Funding

Case Studies:  Timespan Museum & Art CentreEqual Adventure, and Albyn Housing Society.

Local Authority Service Commissioning & Procurement Staff Survey (2009)

The survey was designed to find out more about the views, attitudes and experiences of commissioning and procurement staff (in Scotland's local authorities) in relation to Scotland's enterprising third sector.

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