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How to use our resources

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ESS resources are free to use. Some tools from other organisations may entail a cost, when this is the case it is clearly marked.

Search our resources for a range of evaluation guides, tools, and case studies on every aspect of evaluation. Resources are categorised by area/field of work, theme, or evaluation challenge. Each category includes guides, tools and case studies.

You can use the search box below to search by key word or you can browse our online library by ‘type’ or ‘subject’:

For more ideas in a different format browse our evaluation videos and webinars

Please contact us if you need advice or assistance.

Don't know where to start?

If you are new to evaluation we suggest you start by looking at the Evaluation Pathway to learn about setting outcomes, collecting evidence, analysing and reporting, and acting on your learning. See Evaluation Pathway for resources to help at each stage.

Our support guides take you through these stages. There are also case studies, tools and other resources linked to these stages. Click here

For most people our support guides are the starting point and may be enough to start.

See Evaluation in a minute videos:

What is an outcome?

How to write an outcome

What is an indicator?

Working out what to measure: setting indicators

Choosing the right evaluation methods

Want to improve how you evaluate?

Use this evaluation pathway diagnostic tool to check your strengths and areas for improvement. The ESS support guides and resources are here to help.

Use the embedding impact practice guide - 'Making it stick' and 'Making it stick diagnostic wheel' to diagnose the extent to which people collect and use outcome information in practice. See embedding evaluation page for further ideas and example case studies.


Want to know how to use your evidence?

Look at resources in Using evidence pages

Want to find out what others are doing in your field 


You might want to browse your area of work to see what resources ESS and others have produced that might be relevant. Click here

We also have links to others guides about self-evaluation. You might go to these for further inspiration! Click here

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