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NPC Wellbeing Measure

Last Updated: Wednesday 14 November 2012

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)'s Well-being Measure is an online survey-based tool that measures how children feel. It's a practical way of quantifying your impact on a group of ten or more young people aged 11 to 16, by looking at eight aspects of well-being. You can create your own survey, track its progress, and receive a detailed report of the results. By doing a survey at two points in time, you can measure change - and prove the impact of your work. The tool also allows you compare your results with the national picture. It is possible to compare different groups of young people that you work with. Charges start at £300 + VAT although you will probably want to spend more than that to make proper use of the survey tool. There is a website with step by step instructions and you can sign up for a newsletter. The link below takes you to the website.

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