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Available Resources

Apples and Peers

A report from the Community Food and Health (Scotland) Evaluation Support Account with Evaluation Support Scotland 2010-2011

Community Sport and Enterprise Evaluation Learning Set Final Impact Report

This is the report of a 2 year learning set to build the evaluation skills and capacity of community sport projects.

Community Sport and Enterprise Evaluation Learning Set - Year 1 report

‘So what?’ - that's the question a learning set of 8 community sports projects supported by The Robertson Trust are asking themselves. These projects use sport to engage the community to achieve a broad set of social outcomes. They also operate as social enterprises so they need to prove their ...

Evaluating large programmes: Lessons from Supporting Voluntary Action

This report describes the lessons learned by Supporting Voluntary Action whilst implementing monitoring and evaluation processes.

Evaluation Declaration

We worked with the Scotland Funders' Forum to produce the Evaluation Declaration. This has 5 statements that describe why monitoring, evaluation and reporting are important and what they should achieve. Funders are saying they believe evaluation is valuable, relevant, proportionate, supported and involves looking from the inside and outside at ...

Funders and funded in harmony - Where are we now

This report summaries the story of Harmonising Reporting so far. Harmonising Reporting was first published in 2009. This document gives examples of improvements in reporting practice since 2010 and reflects on where we are now and what comes next.

Funding Success - A review of Evaluation Support Accounts with Laidlaw Youth Trust and Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland

This report summarises the learning from two ‘evaluation support accounts’ with Laidlaw Youth Trust and with Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland. The funders paid for funded charities to access support from ESS so those charities could measure and report on the outcomes of their work.

Getting the best from external evaluations - Principles for funders

This resource is about external evaluations (for example of a grant programme), that are commissioned from consultants, universities or others. The headline message is that a successful commissioned evaluation comes from a good relationship between the commissioner and the evaluator, a shared purpose and a commitment to learning. It gives ...

Harmonising Reporting Implementation - Case Study Report (May 2012)

Harmonising Reporting was published in 2010 by the Scotland Funders’ Forum (SFF) with support from Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS). It contains practical guidance and templates to make reporting to funders less burdensome and more useful for funders and funded organisations. ESS has been suggesting to other organisations and funders to ...

Master Class report 1: Small and Simple - Evaluating small grants - a briefing for funders

This report is about the first funder master class 'Small and Simple'' delivered by Emma Liddell, Evaluation Support Manager. The Small and Simple master class on 8 October 2014 considered “what is good enough evaluation for small grants?” This briefing note is for funders. We share key points from the ...

Master Class report 2: Evaluating our capacity building - a briefing for funders

This report is about the second funder master class 'Does capacity building make a difference'' delivered by Emma Liddell, Evaluation Support Manager.

Master Class Report 3: Adding Up Outcomes

In this report about the third funder masterclass 'Adding Up Outcomes' Emma Liddell, Evaluation Support Manager explains what happened during the day. It includes some tips to remember.

Master Class report 4: Evaluating Together

This report is about the fourth funder master class 'Evaluating Together' delivered by Emma Liddell, Evaluation Support Manager.