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Children & Young People

Available Resources

A Kit of Tools

'A Kit of Tools for participatory research and evaluation for children, young people and adults' contains a wealth of information and creative tools to support meaningful research and evaluation.

Creating Confidence Handbook

A handbook for professionals working with children to explore the issue of building confidence, particularly in relation to the Curriculum for Excellence. There is a critique of work in the US on building self-esteem, reflection and consideration of approaches to understanding and building confidence. Included are helpful hints and tips ...

Making the links ... Making it work

A resource pack to aid planning and evaluation for those working with children and young people in an educational setting.

Measuring mental wellbeing in children and young people

A guide to measuring the mental wellbeing of younger populations for public health commissioners.

NPC Wellbeing Measure

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)'s Well-being Measure is an online survey-based tool that measures how children feel. It's a practical way of quantifying your impact on a group of ten or more young people aged 11 to 16, by looking at eight aspects of well-being. You can create your own survey, ...

Step it Up - Charting Young People's Progress

This document contains a report of work commissioned by the Scottish Executive Education Department in 2001 and materials developed for evaluating youth work. The report identifies the purpose of effective youth work and key areas of social and emotional competence. Each area of competence - self-awareness; problem-solving & decision-making; working ...

The Evidence Guide

The Evidence guide pack contains five modules: ■Using research evidence in practice: an introduction ■Locating research evidence in five steps ■Appraising and reviewing research evidence ■Adapting and applying evidence:issues for individual practitioners and organisations ■Outcome-focused evaluation Each of these modules includes a learner's pack and a trainer's pack. The learner's ...