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Evidence for Success: Using evidence to influence policy and practice

Everyone is talking about using evidence to influence policy and practice. But how do we know we have ‘good evidence’ to share?  How can we be sure that our evidence reaches policy and decision-makers?  The Knowledge Translation Network produced the “Evidence for Success” guide, which takes you through this process, step-by-step.

This full-day workshop will help you identify simple steps to start you on the road to using evidence to influence internal policy and practice.  Although this workshop is not about evaluation (see our Let's evaluate! workshops if you are interested in that), it touches on how to generate useful evidence too so you can be confident you have the evidence you need to influence others right from the outset.

At this workshop you will also:

  • Learn about what is ‘good evidence’ – and what is not.
  • Learn how to navigate your evidence through the policy cycle
  • Identify how you can use evidence to improve practice
  •  Learn how the “Evidence for Success” guide can help you along the ‘using evidence to influence policy and practice’ journey.

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