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Getting the best from core funding

This discussion event is for funders and funded organisations to

When different people talk about ‘core funding’ they can mean different things: the core services of an organisation, or core administration costs of an organisation or anything that isn’t a ‘project’. 

And if definitions are difficult, it is even harder to evaluate and report on core funding. Can you set – or ask for - outcomes for the “core”? Does a funder who is contributing to core costs receive an end of year report about everything the organisation does? Or something more specific? What type of financial reporting is reasonable?

This discussion event will bring together funders and funded to share different experiences, try to unpack the different definitions and gather together solutions and tips to share more widely about evaluating and reporting on core costs. 

It is for people who work for funders or third sector organisations with experience to share about evaluating and reporting on core funding.

This is not a training course. It’s a facilitated discussion session. 

And also, this is NOT about why funders should or should not fund core costs. 

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