How we evaluate ourselves

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) works to achieve the following outcomes:

Third sector organisations and funders are better able to:

  • Evaluate what matters
  • build evaluation into their work
  • use evaluation evidence
  • support others on evaluation

So that…

Third sector organisations and funders use their evaluation to:

  • improve their work
  • better explain their impact to others


Decision-makers are better able to:

  • use evidence from third sector evaluation

You can see how our activities link to these outcomes in our logic model:

Our own evaluation

We collect:

  • Systematic feedback from the organisations we work with about changes in their skills, knowledge and behaviour as a result of our support.  
  • Evidence of improved plans, reports and practice as a result of our support.
  • Feedback from funders about changes in the organisation and its services as a result of our support.


We also undertake a stakeholder survey every 2 years.

We then use the information collected to report on what we do and the difference we make in our Annual report and review.

The summary from our latest stakeholder survey can be found below.

ESS practises what it preaches!

Jane Marryat, ESS Research and Communications Officer gives an insight into ESS’s own self-evaluation process

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