We aim to make this website usable by as many people as possible.

Ways of using this site

Using screen readers

This site has been designed with screen readers Like Jaws and Apple VoiceOver in mind.

The website homepage being read by Apple’s VoiceOver screen reading software

Using keyboard navigation

You can navigate this website using the keyboard.

Navigate to most elementsTabShift + Tab – navigate backward
ButtonEnter or Spacebar
CheckboxSpacebar – check/uncheck a checkbox
Radio buttons/ or / – select an option.Tab – move to the next element.
Select (dropdown) menu/ – navigate between menu optionsSpacebar – expand
AutocompleteType to begin filtering/ – navigate to an optionEnter – select an option
DialogEsc – close
Menu bar/ – Previous/next menu optionEnter – expand the menu (optional) and select an option./ – expand/collapse submenu
Tab panelTab – once to navigate into the group of tabs and once to navigate out of the group of tabs/ or / – previous/next tab.
‘Tree’ menu/ – Navigate Previous/next menu option/ – expand/collapse submenu, move up/down one level.
Scroll/ – scroll vertically/ – scroll horizontallySpacebar/Shift + Spacebar – scroll by page

Our Accessibility Aims

Following guidelines

We aim to hit Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to AA Success criteria.

Some elements like embedded media (Twitter and Youtube, for example) may well not hit these standards.

Accessible content aims

Hitting these guidelines doesn’t cover everything. We also aim for:

  1. Sections of the site clearly defined and labelled.
  2. Simple and constant layout/menus with an easy to follow order of content.
  3. Navigational menus aiming to only contain menu items for the section they’re in.
  4. The site to function well on mobile/touch devices.
  5. Features like skip to content and back to top buttons and a breadcrumb navigation.
  6. Clear/concise writing in content.
  7. Avoiding non descriptive links. (ie avoid “Click Here,” “More,” and “Read More.” )