Evaluation Approaches

Over the years Evaluation Support Scotland has helped develop evaluation approaches for ‘tough’ evaluation topics, such as prevention and partnerships. Have a look at our case studies, resources and tools that might help you with your own tough topics!

Outcomes Approach

ESS has always promoted an outcomes approach when it comes to self-evaluation because outcomes are about the difference that your organisation makes.

Embedding and leading evaluation

How do you start embedding evaluation in your everyday work? We have general resources on embedding evaluation, and more specifically, about leadership in evaluation.

Learning from Covid

ESS initially developed this page to provide evaluation support at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, but these resources can be useful to all organisations who are evaluating at a distance.

Asset-based approaches

If you need support evaluating your asset-based projects we have several guides to help.

Evaluating Partnerships

This page explores how and why to evaluate partnerships along with some useful resources.

Evaluating Prevention

Much of our work in the third sector is about preventing people’s situations from deteriorating but proving that is what we do can be tricky.

Involving users in evaluation

Over the last few years ESS has been supporting third sector organisations to involve people they work with in evaluation.