The Evaluation Pathway        

Evaluation Pathway Stage 3

Analysing and Reporting

This step will help you to:

  1. Understand your data and
  2. Present it in a meaningful way.


Telling my story: Analysing and Reporting on Outcomes is the third workshop in our Let’s Evaluate! programme and is the best training to continue your learning about how to analyse your data and to report the difference you are making.

Resources for Analysing and Reporting

Reporting to funders – Good evaluation should be useful and used by you.  However, most third sector organisations also have to report to funders.  Click here for tips and resources about reporting to funders.

Case studies

Support Guides


  • New principles for grant reporting (December 2018)

    ‘Funder-led. Bureaucratic. Time-consuming. Misunderstood.’ All words that have been used to describe UK grant reporting – the process (or processes) by which charities report their progress to funders. A group

Evaluation tools

  • Quirkos

    Quirkos is a qualitative analysis software package which has been developed by social researchers to allow researchers to visually analyse qualitative text data and present them statistically.

  • ESS Evaluation Tool: Reporting Template

    This template sets out what most funders are looking for in reports. It is taken from Harmonising Reporting – a document produced by ESS and Scotland Funders’ Forum.

Evaluation Guides

Other Resources

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