Reporting to funders

Good evaluation should be useful and used by you.  However, most third sector organisations also have to report to funders.  See below for tips and resources about reporting to funders.

  1. Funders say that the best reports evidence impact and reflect on learning.  Good funders want you to write a report that’s useful for you not just them.
  2. Most funders want to know:  what you did, what difference you made and what you learned.  So your reports should cover those three things.  This reporting template can help.
  3. If you have more than one funder for a piece of work or project write one report, not a different report for each funder.  Your annual report might be good enough for reporting on core funding.
  4. Funders don’t just want numbers!  They want to know about your outcomes in stories and stats.  They want to hear the voices of the people you support through case studies or quotes.  Click here to find out how to use stories in your reporting.
  5. You should report on what hasn’t worked, not just successes. Funders know not everything goes to plan and want to learn from you.  Your positive evidence is more credible if you also say what has been less successful.  Say how you are learning from challenges and what you are doing differently. 
  6. Ask your funder for feedback on your report so you know what to include and what to leave out next time.  Ask how the funder is using your report.  Click here to find out how good funders use grantholder reports.

Get in touch (whether you’re funded or a funder) to tell us about good funder reporting practice we should promote or about bad practice we could help fix.