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Let’s Evaluate!

Let’s Evaluate! is a series of 3 workshops delivered regularly throughout the year. We recommend that people take them in this order: Getting Started, Make to Measure, Telling my Story.

Other workshops and events

We run a variety of one-off workshops and events to share our learning on specific topics. Some events include brief training sessions.


ESS hosts friendly and informative webinars on a range of evaluation subjects.

Virtual workshop 

Telling my Story: Analysing and Reporting on Outcomes

This informative workshop is the third workshop in our Let’s Evaluate! programme. Learn how to pull together evidence and make sense of it, even though it might be coming from different places and consists of different types of data!


Getting better at using evidence: consultation event

This Knowledge Translation Network (KTN) event is for people interested in how to use evidence in a range of ways or who support others in using evidence (for example intermediaries, knowledge focused organisations or funders).