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Tasting Change

This evaluation story shows the kind of evidence organisations can collect to prove their contribution to tackling health inequalities. Tasting Change aims to tackle food insecurity, increase community awareness levels


Participatory Research – Round Table Discussion

TSRF & The Binks Hub hosted a discussion at the Edinburgh Future’s Institute site, with peer-researchers from Poverty Alliance & Youthlink Scotland. In this blog, Marianne, Communications Officer at ESS, shares her thoughts from the round-table discussion.

A quote from Steven Marwick, Director of ESS: "Only if we trust and learn with each other can we achieve positive outcomes for vulnerable people in these tough times."


Funders! it’s time to trust (an evidence-based rant) 

The Scottish Third Sector Tracker collects ongoing data about the state of the sector from hundreds of third sector organisations. Over half of respondents said that grant conditions had become more demanding!

This image displays a newspaper. The title reads: Good news. The ESS logo is in the right hand corner. The main heading on the newspaper says: Funders do read and use grantholder reports!. The background is a display of scattered newspapers.


Good news! Funders do read and use grantholder reports!

Good news – some funders are using grantholder learning and doing so well! This blog contains some tips from the Funder Evaluation and Learning group that might interest grantholders and inspire other funders.


Learning from self-evaluation – your learning

As part of our summer theme, learning from self-evaluation, we have been sharing what YOU can learn from evaluation throughout July. This blog is a round-up of our messages!


Learning from self-evaluation – our learning

For our summer theme, we are sharing tips on how to learn from self-evaluation. To begin, we have been sharing what we learned from our own self-evaluation.


Young people in charge of evaluation!?!  How could that work?

Young people from the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) were commissioned by Scottish Government to carry out an evaluation of Scottish Government funded mental health and wellbeing community support and services for 5–24-year-olds, their parents and carers.  


#EvaluationChallenges – Getting everyone on board

We have come to the end of the second month of sharing our #EvaluationChallenges theme. This time, we have been sharing the difficulties that organisations may face in getting everyone on board with evaluation.


#EvaluationChallenges – Making evaluation work for us

This past month, we have been busy on our Twitter sharing common problems and quick solutions related to “making evaluation work for you”, as part of our latest theme, #EvaluationChallenges! In case you missed it, here’s a round-up of what we’ve shared so far.