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Same but better – our new website design

How our new website aims to make content and design more accessible, and how we used evaluation to help us with design decisions.


Do we need a framework in a crisis?

Once upon a time in a world where tinned tomatoes and toilet rolls were abundant and hairdressers didn’t dress like welders, I spent a lot of time talking about the wonderful National Performance Framework (NPF). But one thing we’ve learned through this crisis is that some things we used to think were important are totally not.


Focus on staying connected

ESS Depute Director Diane Kennedy writes about our A Sitch in Time resources that can help organisations evaluating services that aim to connect people. Iriss has recently produced an evidence review in


Still stitching…

ESS Depute Director Diane Kennedy talks about how our A Stitch in Time? series of resources can be helpful to third sector organisations in Covid-19 times A few years ago,


Evaluating at a distance #IsolationEvaluation

Is there a role for evaluation in Virus Lockdown? You are busy making radical changes to your service and keeping yourself safe.  Is this really a time to worry about