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ESS July newsletter 2023

In this newsletter, we introduce our summer theme – learning from self-evaluation! And we share our upcoming training opportunities, an update on what we’re up to at ESS, and some recent blogs.


Sharing common #EvaluationChallenges

For this quarter’s theme, we will be sharing common Evaluation Challenges that members of the third sector report facing as they navigate their self-evaluation.


#OutcomesApproach to evaluation round-up!

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen our tweets signposting to our resources that promote our #OutcomesApproach to evaluation, which we kicked off in June! But in


Third Sector Interface Covid-19 Learning Project

We’ve been delighted to work alongside Scotland’s Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) to understand the roles TSIs played during the Covid-19 pandemic.   This important report identifies the types of activities undertaken