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Art in Healthcare

In 2020 and 2021 we supported Art in Healthcare, along with 15 other projects affected by the COVID-19 crisis, to evaluate and learn about their response to the crisis.

A quote from Steven Marwick, Director of ESS: "Only if we trust and learn with each other can we achieve positive outcomes for vulnerable people in these tough times."


Funders! it’s time to trust (an evidence-based rant) 

The Scottish Third Sector Tracker collects ongoing data about the state of the sector from hundreds of third sector organisations. Over half of respondents said that grant conditions had become more demanding!

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ESS March 2024 Newsletter

In this newsletter you can find information on a helpful new resource, dates for different workshops, and an upcoming event!

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ESS February 2024 Newsletter

In this newsletter you can find dates for upcoming workshops for spring 2024, some useful new resources, and an update on what we have been up to!

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ESS January 2024 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter you can find an update on what we’ve been up to so far this year, some helpful tips on reporting to funders, as well as some useful resources to guide your reporting.

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TSRF Winter 2024 Newsletter

In this quarter’s newsletter, as well as our usual research updates and event information, we wanted to highlight the fantastic research being done around volunteering!

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ESS December 2023 Newsletter

In this newsletter we have rounded up the latest news, including what we have been up to, information about upcoming workshops, and a new addition to our team!

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TSRF Autumn 2023 newsletter

This newsletter compiles updates from the forum’s steering group, as well as research findings and upcoming events from within the sector. Read the newsletter Join the forum

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Making best use of what you have

Read about how we resurrected our resources, sharing what you can learn from self-evaluation, and tools to evaluate sport and physical activity.

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Helping you get it right

Helping you get it right – read about our upcoming evaluation training for funders and third sector organisations.