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TSRF Autumn 2023 newsletter

This newsletter compiles updates from the forum’s steering group, as well as research findings and upcoming events from within the sector. Read the newsletter Join the forum

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Making best use of what you have

Read about how we resurrected our resources, sharing what you can learn from self-evaluation, and tools to evaluate sport and physical activity.

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Helping you get it right

Helping you get it right – read about our upcoming evaluation training for funders and third sector organisations.

This image displays a newspaper. The title reads: Good news. The ESS logo is in the right hand corner. The main heading on the newspaper says: Funders do read and use grantholder reports!. The background is a display of scattered newspapers.


Good news! Funders do read and use grantholder reports!

Good news – some funders are using grantholder learning and doing so well! This blog contains some tips from the Funder Evaluation and Learning group that might interest grantholders and inspire other funders.

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Self-evaluation training from the experts

ESS is the expert voice on third sector evaluation in Scotland. This newsletter describes our upcoming training courses – Getting the best from your grantholders, Let’s Evaluate!, and Thrive Learning


Learning from self-evaluation – your learning

As part of our summer theme, learning from self-evaluation, we have been sharing what YOU can learn from evaluation throughout July. This blog is a round-up of our messages!

News Newsletter ESS Newsletter 

Get Connected! Let’s talk evaluation (August 2023 newsletter)

We’re setting up a network to help evaluation leaders share experiences about making evaluation happen in your organisation and troubleshoot challenges.  We’ve created a short questionnaire to gain a better


Learning from self-evaluation – our learning

For our summer theme, we are sharing tips on how to learn from self-evaluation. To begin, we have been sharing what we learned from our own self-evaluation.