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14 on the 14th

 Photo: ESS team having fun!

Our birthday blog is penned by Depute Director, Diane Kennedy. Taking a tongue in cheek approach Diane talks about our plans for the next four years.

Omg 14 today, sick, I know right.

So wassup?

Our strategic plan for 2019 – 23: Is what

(Cool well –  we think so)

Enough youth speak: It’s so embarrassing!!!! Lol!

Last week in the office we were thinking about our impending birthday. We have recently created our strategic plan for 2019 – 2023 and were reflecting on the organisation’s stage in life; we’re growing up – we’ve learnt loads especially about the basics, but we’ve still got lots to learn.  And like any 14-year-old there are choices to be made and exams ahead, and successes hopefully to celebrate, but it may be a bumpy ride to get there!

If you know ESS well, you probably know that we love to plan and believe that planning is essential to achieving our outcomes. So here is our game plan for the next four years:

  •   Continue to do the stuff from our early years:

The evaluation basics: Let’s Evaluate workshops, evaluation support accounts with funders, website resources, newsletters etc

  •   Continue to develop more advanced support

More advanced resources and workshops, more in-depth work with organisations or sub sectors, more peer learning and networking and work with decision makers

  •  Deepen our learning (choosing our subjects!!!)

About: analysis, sharing and using evaluation evidence, good enough evidence, involving service users and/ or your board in evaluation, using technology in evaluation and reporting, support the evaluation supporters (e.g. improvement agencies).

We would love to meet people who can help us to find opportunities for learning together.

Remember everyday is a school day