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ESS July newsletter 2023

In this newsletter, we introduce our summer theme – learning from self-evaluation! And we share our upcoming training opportunities, an update on what we’re up to at ESS, and some recent blogs.


Young people in charge of evaluation!?!  How could that work?

Young people from the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) were commissioned by Scottish Government to carry out an evaluation of Scottish Government funded mental health and wellbeing community support and services for 5–24-year-olds, their parents and carers.  

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TSRF Summer 2023 Newsletter

Read about our latest Member’s Chat where members were welcomed to the Community of Practice. We have also collated recent third sector updates, and items on research collaboration, participation, and methods.

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ESS June newsletter 2023

Read the latest news from ESS as we head into summer.


#EvaluationChallenges – Getting everyone on board

We have come to the end of the second month of sharing our #EvaluationChallenges theme. This time, we have been sharing the difficulties that organisations may face in getting everyone on board with evaluation.

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ESS May newsletter 2023

Read the latest news from ESS. In this newsletter, we share an update on our own self-evaluation process and our current theme on “Evaluation Challenges”, as well as a resource to help you get started with your self-evaluation.

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ESS April newsletter 2023

Read the latest news from ESS. We are currently recruiting for two new trustees to join our board. We have two upcoming events – Help! I’ve got stuck with my evaluation! and “Supporting others with evaluation” community of practice kick-off. Read our latest resource – Hearing from everyone: Building equality, diversity and inclusion into self-evaluation and take a look at our upcoming training!


#EvaluationChallenges – Making evaluation work for us

This past month, we have been busy on our Twitter sharing common problems and quick solutions related to “making evaluation work for you”, as part of our latest theme, #EvaluationChallenges! In case you missed it, here’s a round-up of what we’ve shared so far.


Sharing common #EvaluationChallenges

For this quarter’s theme, we will be sharing common Evaluation Challenges that members of the third sector report facing as they navigate their self-evaluation.

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TSRF Spring 2023 Newsletter

The TSRF Spring 2023 newsletter is out now. Read our round-up of upcoming events and latest research published from and about the third sector.