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Are you an evaluation leader in your organisation?  

Does your role involve doing some or all of the following in your organisation?  

  • Enthusing and supporting colleagues to undertake evaluation? 
  • Managing evaluation systems (data collection or storage)  
  • Helping to ensure evaluation findings are used internally 
  • Writing evaluation reports for funders or others   
  • Commissioning evaluation consultants 

If so you are an evaluation leader!   

Evaluation leaders might be a dedicated evaluation role, the chief executive, a manager, the fundraiser or simply someone with a particular interest.    

We are setting up a network to help evaluation leaders share experiences about making evaluation happen in your organisation and troubleshoot challenges. 

Once you sign up we will invite you to roughly 3 peer learning sessions a year.  There won’t be a cost. 

ESS will facilitate and contribute our expertise but this is not evaluation training and you will need to have a basic knowledge of evaluation to take part meaningfully.  The sessions will involve discussing and sharing with each other.  When members agree, ESS will also draw out general lessons to share more widely to address barriers to evaluation in funding and policy. 

To sign up please complete this short form: 

If you have questions please email 

If you are not yet an evaluation leader but want to be, or are looking for training on evaluation, then take a look at our free resources and training workshops that we run.