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Call for contributors – Supporting researchers working in the third sector TSRF 2021 online conference

Scotland’s Third Sector Research Forum conference is going online! It will take place via Zoom on 17th February 2021.

This year’s conference theme is: Supporting researchers working in the third sector, with a focus on ethics.

We are calling for contributors to run an hour-long interactive workshop in which you present your research as a case study to illustrate one of the following subjects:

The ethics of collaborative use of data – What are the issues and how do you overcome them to share third sector data? The management of data and who owns what when we share qualitative data and stories.

Who emotionally supports third sector researchers and how? – What are the pitfalls and how should researchers keep themselves safe at the same time as keeping participants safe? Is there a role for third sector organisations?

Supporting peer researchers and vulnerable people – How to ensure that peer researchers and participants are supported throughout the whole research process?

The challenges of commissioning research – What to consider when commissioning research? How do you ensure its being undertaken ethically? How do you guarantee that it will be useful to the third sector?

We are open to contributors from third sector researchers, academics with experience with research in and with the third sector, and independent researchers or consultants who have worked with the third sector. Please see our conference page for more guidance about what we are looking for and how to submit your proposal.

The deadline for proposals is 20th November, and you will receive our response on 25th November.