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Check out our new page: ‘Evaluating at a distance’

If you are a regular ESS website visitor, you’ll notice that our COVID-19 page is no longer on our banner menu. But don’t worry! All the resources we’ve collected on our COVID-19 page have now been migrated to our new Evaluating at a distance page. We suggest you bookmark this page which we will regularly update for advice and resources on evaluating your remote activities.

You can now find this page amongst our pages about Evaluation Approaches – which are all about ‘tough’ evaluation challenges, such as ‘Evaluating Prevention‘ and ‘Involving Users on Evaluation‘.

Check out the new ‘Evaluating at a distance’ page below:

Learning from Covid

ESS initially developed this page to provide evaluation support at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, but these resources can be useful to all organisations who are evaluating at a distance.