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ESS is working with national intermediaries

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) is working with national third sector intermediaries about how they measure and report on their impact. This small scoping project running between January and March 2017 will gather information about what support, if any, national third sector intermediaries need. As a working definition we are taking national intermediaries to mean ‘a third sector organisation whose members are other third sector organisations and whose role (partly or wholly) is to represent and support those members’. To avoid confusion this does not include Third Sector Interfaces and regulatory bodies.

The project will comprise desk research to identify work done in this area previously and what it tells us, followed by speaking one to one to a selection of intermediaries to find positive examples of impact measurement and to establish what intermediaries find difficult to evaluate, and what and who might help in the future. We will also speak to a few Scottish Government officials to find out what they value in relation to intermediaries and what further evidence they need in terms of impact.

A discussion paper will be written and presented to a seminar of intermediaries and officials to get their feedback and reflections. This will probably happen in May 2017.

Depending on what the sector tells us it wants and needs, this work may continue, for example, as a learning set to create an intermediaries logic model and evaluation framework. 

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