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ESS puts the spotlight on our #OutcomesApproach to evaluation

If you have ever worked with ESS, you probably know that we are outcomes advocates when it comes to self-evaluation. Over the years we’ve produced many resources that explain what outcomes are, how to set outcomes, what indicators can tell you you’re achieving your outcomes, and how you can measure the difference you are making by evaluating how you’ve achieved these outcomes.

In the next few months we plan to put the spotlight on our Outcomes Approach to evaluation by signposting to old and new resources this theme. We have resources that explain:

  • Why outcomes matter and how they are achieved
  • How to measure outcomes within your control
  • What to do if you seem to have ‘outcomes everywhere!’ (from personal, organisational, and strategic outcomes).

For ESS – outcomes definitely matter!

Explore our Outcomes Approach page to kick things off!

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