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#EvaluationChallenges – Getting everyone on board

We have come to the end of the second month of sharing our #EvaluationChallenges theme! This time we have been sharing the difficulties that organisations may face in getting everyone on board with evaluation, and steps you could take to address them. Here is a round-up of what we shared:

Are some of your members of staff new or unaware of your evaluation process?We suggest building evaluation into your project/activities at various points in time, so people become familiar with it along the way.
Do some members of staff feel that evaluation is not their strong point? Use our Embedding Evaluation diagnostic tool to establish current strengths and areas for improvement.
Are some members of staff less enthusiastic about evaluation than others?We recommend putting impact at the heart of everything you do to help inspire your team! Read our Inspiring Impact case studies.
Do some members of staff find it difficult to collect evidence alongside delivering activities?We suggest evaluation managers ask staff for feedback and take concerns seriously, so evaluation works for everyone.

What else can ESS do?

Read Making it Stick – This is an extensive guide to help organisations embed their evaluation into everyday practice and within the whole team.

Commission training from us – We can deliver our training to a group of staff from your organisation to help get everyone on board with evaluation. Find out how to commission training from us here.

Follow us on Twitter and search the hashtag #EvaluationChallenges to track all the messages from this quarter’s theme.

We’ve found that by getting people involved in your evaluation process, you will be more likely to reach your outcomes, gather useful learning and use evaluation to improve your services! Find out more about embedding evaluation here.