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#EvaluationChallenges – Making evaluation work for us

This past month, we have been busy on our Twitter sharing common problems and quick solutions related to “making evaluation work for us“, as part of our latest theme, #EvaluationChallenges! In case you missed it, here’s a round-up of what we’ve shared so far:

📃 Challenge: online surveys are efficient and accessible for collecting feedback. However, they are fallible to low response rates after the activity or event.
📌Solution: we recommend building 5 minutes into the end of the activity itself and asking people to respond then.
Challenge: there may be financial or time limitations when it comes to accessing self-evaluation training.
✍🏼Solution: we have created free, self-directed learning exercises to help you work at your own pace. Visit our webpage to get started.
Challenge: evaluating sport or physical activities should be more than counting participants. But how do you measure the difference you’re making?
🎯 Solution: Thrive can help you Plan, Do and Review your activities and impact in a variety of FREE platforms to work for you. Click here to learn more.
💬 Challenge: people provide verbal feedback but don’t write it down and it never gets recorded.
🧠 Solution: we suggest you summarise what was said, check with your speaker that it is accurate, then you can use it anonymously in your evaluation. Take a look at our Capturing Casual Moments resource to learn more about recording comments.