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Extending our support – Tailoring our support to your needs

For organisations who may need some more indepth support to embed evaluation we offer two types of tailored support.

Our standard tailored support involves one or more meetings of about 2-3 hours between a member of the ESS team and a person or a few people from your organisation. We can provide this support by telephone or skype, if necessary. This may consist, for example, in support to write outcomes for a project, create an evaluation plan or develop an evidence collection method.

However over the last few years we have learned that some organisations are finding they have good evaluation in place for individual projects but not for the organisation as a whole.  This can make it hard to be consistent, share learning or demonstrate impact as a whole.  We can help by offering extended tailored support!  This usually involves multiple sessions with groups of staff from across the organisation to create flexible organisation-wide systems and build staff skills. Over the last year we have worked with a few organsations in this way.

See infographic below for examples.

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