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Fit for purpose evaluation – webinar

Fit for purpose evaluation
18 December 2018 10:00 – 10:45

We will talk through some of the factors to consider when choosing appropriate tools, the pros and cons of “validated tools” versus home-grown, and the importance of fitting your evaluation methods to the values and approach of your work.

This is not a training course to help you learn you how do your evaluation.   Please see our Let’s Evaluate workshop programme if that’s what you need.

The format will be a 20-25 minute presentation followed by time for the trainer to answer questions.

This webinar is aimed at Big Lottery Fund grantholders as part of the BLF Learning Support for Grantholders.  However as there are no number limits on webinar attendance you can attend the webinar if you don’t have a BLF grant.  We’ll ask you to tell us that when you book.

To book on the webinar please click here