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It’s a wrap on our spotlight on Evidence Use

ESS kickstarted 2021 with a spotlight on Evidence Use. From January to April, we promoted old and new resources that can help you make sense of your self-evaluation evidence, which we hope you found helpful!

We got the ball rolling by promoting our latest guide on Evidence Use, ‘How good is my evidence’ in January, which we followed-up with a webinar event on the same topic in February. Throughout the months we promoted our suppport guides and evidence use related publications (e.g. from the Knowledge Translation Network) and wrote new blogs. Finally, we promoted Covid-19 related resources that could help with evidence use.

See below for a rundown of our Evidence Use resources, which we also tagged as #EvalEvidence on Twitter:



  • How good is my evidence? – webinar

    In this webinar we will take you through our new guide ‘ How good is my evidence? A guide to assessing the quality of self-evaluation evidence.’

  • Webinar: What is good evidence? (2015)

    The What is Good Evidence? webinar aims to share evidence of ‘what works’ in social policy and practice between UK jurisdictions. On 1 September 2015 the Alliance for Useful Evidence

‘Evaluation explained’ video



Do you TREBL or tremble when it comes to evidence?

We need to evidence our outcomes in order to show the difference we make! But what is evidence? Evidence means different things to different people. We hear about courtroom evidence,


How do you like your evidence?

Evidence for self-evaluation can come from different sources and take different forms. But is any evidence better than other evidence?


Blog: Let’s stop chasing unicorns

There are different sets of evidence standards out there, but do they work in practice or are they mythological creatures like unicorns?


Could we get better at using evidence?

As third sector organisations, we collect lots of lovely self-evaluation evidence which we use in reports to funders. How can we get better at using them?

Knowledge Translation Network evidence guides

Covid-19 related Evidence Use resources

Challenges and Changes due to Covid-19: Useful questions for analysis and reporting

This 2-page document has a list key questions you can ask as you analyse your evaluation data and get ready to report on challenges and changes due to Covid-19.

Crisis to Recovery case studies

These case studies can help you think about how you can use evidence collected from activities you have adapted in response to the pandemic, such as learning from online activities

Even though we’ve technically ‘ended’ our spotlight on Evidence Use theme, that doesn’t mean we’re done with the topic! You can always count on ESS so support you with self-evaluation evidence, so have a look at our resources page or get in touch with us if you need specific evaluation support.

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