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Shining a light on third sector evidence

This year’s annual review focuses on our work in for 2016/17 to shine a light on third sector evidence.  Download the colour version here or if you prefer here is a black and white


Feeding back the feedback! What you told us about ESS

Earlier this year 82 people completed our biennial stakeholder survey and gave us feedback on our approach and services. We were delighted with the response. It gave some interesting insights;


Key messages from Threading the Needle

Threading the Needle (TTN) thematic programme funded by Scottish Government, to support health and social care commissioners in four health and social care partnership areas, to use third sector evidence


ESS is working with national intermediaries

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) is working with national third sector intermediaries about how they measure and report on their impact. This small scoping project running between January and March 2017


Ending homelessness by focusing on ‘what works’

Crisis and Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN) have announced their intention to create a new dedicated body to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness by instigating a shift in