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Outcomes everywhere but which are mine?

Organisations with different projects can often find themselves with dozens of different outcomes. This can mean consistent evaluation and reporting at the organisational level is really hard.  Other outcome challenges that people in the sector face include fitting personal service user outcomes to project outcomes or – at the other end – fitting organisational outcomes to local or national strategic outcomes. If these challenges sound familiar the following events  events could be for you!


Sorry, the webinar is currently full, but it will be recorded and posted on our website after the event. 

Monday 2nd March 10am 

You understand good evaluation is not just about measuring activities but about measuring outcomes – the difference you make. But which outcomes – there are so many! Personal service user outcomes, project outcomes, organisational outcomes, funder outcomes, local strategic outcomes, national performance framework outcomes! How do you fit all these outcomes together and which should you measure and report on?

This webinar will talk through some ways to make sense of all these outcomes and how to map different levels of outcomes to each other. We’ll talk about how to stay focused on showing meaningful contribution rather than having to prove attribution.


Tuesday 17th March 10am – 12.30pm Book your free place here

ESS will deliver a brief input with tips to help address these challenges. We’ll facilitate activities to help you apply tips to your own organisation and share and learn from your peers in the sector. We’ll direct you to resources to follow up later.

This free interactive event is for people working in third sector organsations or funders who want to get (even) better at evaluation  and share ideas and experiences with others.

By the end of the morning we hope you will:

  • Know more about approaches to take when evaluating across multiple outcomes
  • Have concrete ideas about how to address your own outcome challenge
  • Know more about where to find more support on evaluation.


As the “term” progresses we will be signposting you to useful resources…

Understanding different outcomes – personal, organsational, strategic…
Outcomes explained here in ‘We need to build the focus on outcomes’

Mapping personal outcomes to project-level outcomes
In this blog by ESS’s training officer Shona Wells we hear about how she helps third sector organisations see a way to use personal outcomes to show the difference a service makes. Read it here

Mapping project to organisational
‘Consultation and involvement: using staff experience to inform evaluation systems’ is a case study from Victim Support Scotland about how they created organisational outcomes which were fit for several different projects.

Mapping befriending outcomes to national outcomes
Here are some examples of mapping befriending outcomes to The National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes (extracted from The Source to the Sea – Understanding how befriending can help Fife Health and Social Care Partnerships address its priorities.

More examples of mapping outcomes to National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes can be found here in this extract from a publication about measuring outcomes for Citizens Advice.

Third Sector Interface Outcome Framework 

Blog from Steven Marwick ‘Does the National Performance Framework mean anything to the third sector?’

Befriending Networks and Scottish Youth Theatre Arts Scotland used the National Performance Framework to map their outcomes to National priorities. Read these case studies here.

For general support in setting outcomes 

ESS Support Guide: 

Short videos:

What is an outcome? 

How to write an outcome

What is an indicator?

Working out what to measure – setting indicators

We’re all on the same page now Case study – organisation learning how to set outcomes

Embedding evaluation

CrossReach case study – Embedding evaluation into several children’s projects

Making it stick – a guide to embedding evaluation

Making it stick webinar